Notice A Trend!


Last year we became one of the Northeasts only three time repeat Invisalign Elite practices, making us among a very select group of dentists that performs over 100 Invisalign cases a year So what does that mean for you?


It says that when you walk through our door you know that Invisalign is our passion not just another dental service and your results, satisfaction and our Invisalign pricing will reflect that!

Being recognized as one of Massachusetts only Invisalign “Elite” Providers, places us among the top 2% of Invisalign Practitioners in the country. “Elite” Provider status indicates to our patients and to the community that not only are we among the most experienced Invisalign practice in the country, but we are also committed to staying current with the latest Invisalign treatment techniques,” said Invisalign dentist Dr. Paglia. “That leadership reflects the standard of care that patients can expect from our practice.”